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Mid-Century Makeover

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When a couple I knew purchased the house, the sixties were "alive and well" in this kitchen. With bland cabinets, copper-toned countertops, out-dated appliances and hardware, it was a time capsule of mid-century modern style. The husband - a big fan of ranch style architecture and sixties design, was delighted. However his wife wasn't so thrilled. They loved to entertain, but the typical isolated kitchen made it difficult to do.

My challenge was to design a modern kitchen/dining area that would be perfect for entertaining while paying homage to mid-century design.

Candice Olson - Kitchen Example One

We said goodbye to the copper appliances, vintage cabinets, and outdated flooring. We also had to lose the wall separating the kitchen from the dining room. I have to admit, this is where the scope of the project started to grow. Everyone loved the openness of the space so much that I proposed knocking down the dividing wall at the living room as well, creating one large open-concept kitchen, dining, and living room perfect for socializing with friends and family. This renovation would completely transform how this family lived in their home!

With most of the walls gone, there was very little wall space left for upper cabinets, so I needed to plan for maximum efficiency. I started with the long quartz countertop that stretches the length of the exterior wall. The fridge, freezer, and large pull-out pantry occupy the only wall in the space. For a food-prep area, a sleek cook area integrates seamlessly into the black marble countertop.

Throughout the kitchen, I wanted to pay homage to the long, low lines of mid-century modern architecture. I chose a high-contrast color scheme of white countertops and chocolate cabinetry and it's the contrast between these major elements that helps emphasize the horizontal nature of the design.

Mid-century Makeover

The new kitchen is totally zen and sleek, but with long low horizontal lines that pay tribute to the ranch-style architecture. Both tiers of the quartz island countertop have a seamless waterfall return to the floor, creating a minimalist line. This detail not only adds a beautiful sculptural quality to the island but also supports the countertop.

Candice Olson - Kitchen Example Two

* Pictures do not reflect Candice Olson's renovation work mentioned in the article. Pictures are works with LG Hausys Products which best fits description of the article.