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Coffee Talk Kitchen

To start the process I removed the front wall that separated the kitchen from the hallway and the living room and took down the awkward wall dividing the kitchen in half. We got rid of the old cabinets and all of the appliances so we had one big open space ready for a transformation. I wanted to create a more modern feeling in the space so I chose crisp, fresh white for the walls with mahogany finished floors and with black quartz countertops to create a contrast of texture and style.

Candice Olson - Coffee Talk Kitchen

For the room’s focal point, I reversed the formula - an espresso-stained island with a clean white quartz top and sides, with clean white cabinets on the walls for lots of storage. The large island has seating for family and guests to sit and talk. I chose solid quartz for the countertops because it’s durable and practically maintenance free. Then geometric bar chairs to echo the crisp lines of the island.
New windows lets the air in and the style of window gives you the largest expanse of glass possible - both traditional and contemporary - a win-win situation. I snuck a built-in bench with a velvet plush seat cushion and pillows under the side window providing another section for sitting and talking. Drawers underneath hide lots of stuff! What more could you ask?

Candice Olson - Coffee Talk Kitchen