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Musica Renewal


A perfectly blended composition of luminous brights and fine spun greys, working in harmony to create a melodic atmosphere that is perfect for sharing time with those who you care about. Friends and family have a place where they can come together and celebrate good times. You have a place where you can make beautiful music with a special someone while putting together an intimate dinner. The instruments are tuned for an elegant ensemble - and you are the conductor.


Inspired by the delicate strength of majestic marble sculptures, a serene, alabaster canvas serves as the backdrop for dancing waves of gold. These soft, warm hues intertwine with their peaceful background to create an elegant yet regal work of art. As you take in the subtle nuances of the union of tones, allow the peaceful sensation to wash over you. You are transported to a beautiful museum, taking in classical beauty and inspiration to create a sumptuous space of your own.


Shall we dance? Transport yourself to the age of opulence and luxury. A warm, inviting medley of creamy tones and silver-hued highlights serves as the ballroom floor for an ensemble of dancing rays of light, swirling and twirling in a romantic embrace. The stage is set with an atmosphere of courtly ambiance that will have you dancing on air. You don't have to fear the clock striking midnight, as this fairy tale never has to end.


Slow, yet lavish, relaxed, yet stately. A cool breeze briefly interrupting a warm day, a cloud briefly passing across the sun to cast a welcome dose of shade. Light plays with a rich grey backdrop, creating a subtle experience meant to be savored and appreciated like a fine wine. When the pressures of the day overwhelm, you can retire to a comforting place where your worries are slowly eased away, leaving you cool, calm and collected.