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What is Viatera®?
Viatera® quartz surfacing is one of the smart and stunning surfaces offered by LG Hausys. Made from 93% natural quartz stone and blended with advanced polymer resins and colorfast pigments, Viatera® provides consistent color choices and hygienic properties with the look and feel of natural granite. Because LG Hausys offers low-maintenance countertops that are easy to care for, durable and don't harbor bacteria or mold, you can enjoy an attractive and functional upgrade to your home, with no need for sealers. Read more about Viatera® Advantages.

Are seams visible when using Viatera®?
Natural quartz countertops will typically have seams and the seams will be visible. During the installation process the countertop pieces are placed as closely together as possible and bonded together with color-coordinated resin. Natural quartz surface is not a seamless product like HI-MACS®, seams are visible. Even a well-executed seam will be smooth but can be felt and the pattern and shade can change. The placement of seam will be at the discretion of the certified fabricator installer and the shape of the countertop. If requested, they will try to accommodate special requests for fewer seams, which may or may not be achievable due to size. In order to execute projects that require larger square footage units and/or fewer seams, we offer Jumbo-sized slabs - 24% larger than standard slab size, which is a perfect size for any kitchen and especially larger kitchens, islands and peninsulas.

When was Viatera® created?
Launched in 2004, the Viatera brand is rapidly making its name in the surfacing industry. However, similar quartz surfacing materials have existed for over 20 years in Italy. Due to the innovative ways the product can be used, quartz surfacing is becoming the material choice for design projects of all types.

Where is Viatera® manufactured?
LG Hausys is committed to providing environmentally sensitive products that meet the demands of everyone from its employees to designers, installers and consumers. The highest quality quartz surfacing material is available. Viatera® is 93% quartz, ideal for those who prefer the elegant look of stone in a durable, easy-to-maintain product and one of the most abundant natural resources on earth and by-product from mining other minerals. It has negligible volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, contributing to air quality. Additionally to address safety for our employees and the environment around the plant, our processing line has been specially installed with Dust Collection and RCO (Incinerator) systems to treat emission in our manufacturing process. Made from high quality natural quartz stone, Viatera® is GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified® for low emissions, complying with California's Department of Health Services Standard Practice for chemical emissions from building products used in schools, offices and other sensitive environment including food preparation areas certified by the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation). For more information, please see Features and Benefits.

Does Viatera® offer LEED points?
Viatera® quartz surface is environmentally sustainable and can contribute to LEED® MR Credits for reducing industrial waste and energy consumption utilized during the manufacturing process.

How does Viatera® compare to other solid surfaces?
Refer to our Viatera® Advantages.

Can I place food directly on Viatera® quartz surface?
Yes. Viatera® quartz surface is non-porous preventing any growth of mold, mildew or bacteria - making it ideal for hygienic areas certified by the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation). In fact, Viatera® is frequently approved for food preparation areas in restaurants and bars. Not to mention that it's exceptionally smooth surface makes it super easy-to-clean.

Before preparing the meal, make sure the countertop surface is thoroughly sanitized; we recommend using weak bleach solution and rinsing with water. However keep in mind leaving food residue to air-dry can result in a stain.

What are your new colors?
Check out our newest colors on our Color Gallery. You can also subscribe to our newsletter and we will keep you posted on our even newer upcoming colors.

Where can I find Viatera® quartz surface?
Please visit LG Hausys certified kitchen and bath dealer store near you using our Dealer Locator or any local Retail Stores such as Home Depot and Lowes. For homeowners, contact your local dealer/fabricator using our Dealer Locator or visit Retail Stores in your neighborhood. For architects designers and fabricators, please contact us for more details.

Are Viatera® sheets branded for authenticity?
Genuine Viatera® quartz surface sheets are brand-stamped when manufactured. There will be multiple underside markings on the back slab for verification purposes.

How do I get Viatera® samples?
Click here to place an order online. Browse our Color Gallery and add a sample of your choice onto the cart. We only accept Paypal on our website as valid method of payment. Otherwise please contact us here. You can call your local dealer to find out if they have them available.

How do I track my sample order?
Under My Account, you can see your current and past order statuses. Feel free to contact us at any time if you are experiencing urgent issues with your sample order.

Where do I purchase an up-to-date product brochure/color catalog and/or sample boxes?
Literature material and sample boxes can be obtained via your local dealer or you can contact us to place an order. If so, please include your company and contact information so that our representatives can contact you most efficiently.

The color I am looking for is not listed on the website. How do I know if the color is current or discontinued?
If you cannot find the color you seek at our Color Gallery, please refer to our retail store exclusive colors. If the color cannot be found on both of these pages, it could really be discontinued in which case, you should contact us to confirm one last time.

Discontinued colors are available under our custom color program. For more information about the custom color program, lead time and minimum order requirement, please contact us at .

Can I purchase smaller than standard sized sheet?
There is a minimum of (1) sheet for purchasing Viatera® quartz surface with LG Hausys - the manufacturer. However if the project is of a smaller scale, customers should visit nearby certified dealer/fabricator shops or retail stores since they usually sell in smaller sizes from remnant parts or sell with smaller minimum size.

Who manages the installation process of Viatera® quartz surface?
Viatera® is fabricated and installed by our network of certified dealers and fabricators. Employing a licensed professional will reflect the quality and service expectations of LG Hausys and ensure full warranty.

How do I register as a Viatera® Dealer?
In order to register as our certified Viatera® dealer, please write us your company and contact information here and our LG representative in your area will contact you promptly for review.

Where can I find a list of dealers in my area?
Find dealers in your neighborhood using our Dealer Locator.

What is the size and weight of Viatera® quartz surface?
- Sheet Thickness - 2cm (approx. ľ") & 3cm (approx. 1 1/8")
- Sheet Dimension - Standard 55"x119" (45 sq. ft.) & Jumbo 63"x130" (57 sq. ft.)
Viatera® quartz surface approximately weighs 15.6lbs per square foot (3cm thickness) and 10.4lbs per square foot (2cm thickness) Please contact us for bulk order pricing.

How long will Viatera® quartz surface last?
Viatera® was designed to keep up with our ever demanding needs while providing you the utmost elegance and beauty countertops has to offer. The countertop is not indestructible, however by following the simple care guidelines, you can enjoy many years of natural beauty and easy care not to mention peace of mind with a 15 year transferable warranty.

What does my 15 year warranty cover?
Viatera® is backed by an industry-leading 15-year installed and fully transferable warranty from the manufacturer. This warranty is valid for all approved residential and commercial applications. We will repair and/or replace the product at free of charge including reasonable and necessary labor charges if your Viatera® quartz surface fails due to any manufacturing defect during the first 15 years after installation.

Viatera® offers a 15-year limited fully transferable warranty from LG Hausys, warranting that the material will be free of manufacturing defects. The warranty is valid for all approved residential and commercial applications. We will repair and/or replace the product at free of charge including reasonable and necessary labor for failures due to any manufacturing defect during the first 15 years after installation.

How do I care and maintain for Viatera® solid surface on a daily basis?
Normal cleaning of Viatera® requires only a damp cloth or paper towel and mild household detergent. For sticky spots, liquid detergent may be required. The following are recommended commercial cleansers that are available for routine care or of your Viatera® quartz surface - non-bleach, non-abrasive liquid household cleaners: Simple Green® lime-scale remover, Vinegar cleaner (diluted), Bar Keeper's Friend®, Formula 409® Glass and Surface Cleaner, Lysol®, Greased Lightning®. For sticky spots, liquid detergent may be required. Details about how Viatera® is cleaned and cared for are outlined in the Viatera Care and Maintenance section, and contact us if you have any further questions.

How heat resistant is Viatera®?
Viatera® can endure the everyday rigors of normal cooking temperatures up to 360'F for a short duration, without the fear of scorching or burning. It is still recommended that hot pads and trivets are used to protect the surface and prolong the product lifetime. Do not place high-heat cookware, such as electric skillets, frying pans, griddles or crock-pots, directly on the surface without the use of a protective base. With proper care and maintenance, Viatera® will remain beautiful and durable for many years.

How do I clean stains and dried spills?
For tougher stains, mild non-abrasive cleansers are a good solution to keeping the surface looking new. Recommended cleaners include: Formula 409® Glass & Surface Cleaner, Bar Keeper's Friend®, Lysol® and Greased Lightning®. For dried spills, a non-abrasive scrub pad can be used. Rinse thoroughly and wipe with a damp cloth to remove all residue. While Viatera® is generally able to withstand most household chemicals, avoid using harsh chemicals or products that contain bleach. For tough spots from items such as gum, grease, paint, food and more, scrape off the residue with a razor blade or putty knife prior to cleaning. The scraping may leave a gray metal mark on the countertop and can be cleaned off by using a recommended cleaner and a s oft non-abrasive scrub pad. Buff with a damp cloth. For stubborn spots or stains, soak a pad of paper towels in water and any of the recommended cleansers and apply the towel to the stain and let soak for a few minutes. Deeply clean with a non-abrasive scrub pad and cleanser, rinse thoroughly, and buff with a damp cloth.

For knife cuts, deep cuts, gouges and chips, contact your certified fabricator. The damage is repairable but may require special tooling and expertise. Also visit our Care and Maintenance page for more information.

What makes Viatera® resistant to scratches?
Viatera® is composed of 93% natural quartz and 7% superior color pigment and binder. Natural quartz, the majority of Viatera makeup, is classified as a 7 on Moh's Hardness Scale, a scientific tool utilized to measure the composition of minerals. Such a ranking indicates quartz is harder than iron and titanium, and there are only a few materials with a higher ranking, including diamonds. This quality makes Viatera® resistant to staining and scratching. This fusion of nature and science make Viatera resistant to common spills of soda, tea, wine, oil or vinegar without the need for laborious sealing like other quarried stone. Be aware that bottom of some ceramic dishes may be abrasive enough to scratch your countertop.

For specific and technical consultations, please refer to our Product Specification where details are given of how to remove specific stains from your Viatera® countertop along with details of its resistance to chemicals. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

How accurate are the colors on literature, website and samples compare to that of the actual product?
Despite our high speed printing processes, the color may vary from the actual countertop material. Please note that the color of the printed samples will vary depending on the lighting and monitor setting you view them under. Product samples are actually cut from a slab. When our customer makes their final countertop color selection, we highly recommend seeing the actual sample prior to purchase.

Are lamination lines visible when using Viatera®?
Just like other stone surfaces, lamination lines may be visible depending on the requirements of the project. Viatera® is available in two different thicknesses, 2cm (3/4") and 3cm (1 1/8"). As with all stone products, a lamination line is visible when two pieces of material are adhered together to create a thicker edge, like the 4cm (1 ˝") front edge.

Is the colors and patterns of Viatera® uniform and consistent?
The manufacturing process of Viatera® melds nature and modern technology into an unparalleled surfacing material. The color of each Viatera® slab is dependent on the natural materials as well as the colors mixed within the resin binder. The manufacturing process is designed to blend the raw materials in such a way as to imitate the look of natural stone. As with any product made with predominantly natural materials, there can be some variation in the background color and pattern, as well as aggregate size and distribution. Pigment concentrations can occur up to the size of a US quarter. All of this serves to enhance the natural characteristics of the quartz surface material and is in no way to be considered a defect. Variations to be expected will typically be greater than in solid surface but less than in granite.

Is Viatera® quartz surface suitable for vertical applications?
Viatera® wall cladding can be vertically mounted onto a wall surface that provides adequate support. Wall cladding pieces can be seamed together using 100% silicone sealant. Either 2cm or 3cm material may be used, however the 2cm thick material will generally prove just as durable and will be easier to install.

How to properly use waxes and sealing for Viatera®?
One of the many benefits of Viatera® is that it requires no sealants or waxes to be applied during its lifetime. Because it is nonporous, a sealer will not absorb into the material and would be ineffective. With normal cleaning procedures, your countertop will always retain its luster.

How much overhang support does Viatera® provide?
Do not allow more than 1/3 of the width to overhang while 2/3 of the width should be supported. The maximum unsupported overhang is 14" for 3cm material and 11" for 2cm material. Larger overhangs will require additional support, including corbels or legs. For areas with support on only 3 sides such as dishwashers, desks, or corner cabinet voids, additional support will be required to support the top. As a manufacturer, LG Hausys does not review and/or approve specific details for project applications. Please consult with your local dealer and fabricator for additional details.

Where can I see the sinks?
Viatera® offers a complete line of vanity and kitchen sinks. Lovello stainless steel sinks are all easily seamed to Viatera® countertop providing a beautiful smooth, clean and well-designed surface. In order to view the sinks before making a purchase, please visit your local Home Depot or Lowes. Visit Sink & Bowl for more details.

How to treat stains and rust on sink products?
Our sinks can resist most household stains, including coffee, sauce, beet juice, red wine, and hair dyes, but any sink can stain from their prolonged contact. Surface residue such as hard water stains, tarnish, rust and lime deposits should be treated with any of the following cleaning products: Bar Keepers Friend®, Gordon's Miracle Shine® or Flitz®. Once clean, you should wipe off excess water with a dry towel.

Who should I contact for RV specialization?
Please visit our For RV page or contact us.

How do I share my project on the website?
Do you have a project you wish to share? Be the inspiration by submitting your project as case study reference. Send us some details and pictures about your project and apply for publication on our website. For still more ideas, visit our references.

Do you offer CEU (Continuing Education Unit) courses online?
We currently offer (1) course on HI-MACS® solid surface that will earn you 1.00 AIA/CES Learning Unit. Please visit our Continuing Education Unit section of the website.

If my question is not listed here, where can I find the answer?
If you are not satisfied with the information on our website, please contact us here or call 866-544-4622.