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Kelley Nan Lopez worked with Atlanta Stone Creations to add a modern touch to a traditional Southern kitchen, selecting Viatera® countertops to serve as the centerpiece of the renovation.

In addition to implementing upgrades, adding light to the space was important. The kitchen lacks windows, and, as a result gets limited sunlight, making it dark most of the time. This, along with the grey-beige paint covering the walls and the dark speckled granite countertops made the kitchen feel too "brown and blah." Lopez's goal for the renovation was, as she put it "
to brighten the kitchen while infusing a few more modern touches that more accurately captured our transitional style."

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With a need to replace her cracked and crumbling granite countertops, Lopez turned to Atlanta Stone Creations to help diagnose the problem and help her find a more durable option that also fulfilled her design needs. The goal was to find something to introduce more light into the space without having to set in motion a string of additional, costly improvements to the walls, backsplash and cabinets.

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Lopez and Atlanta Stone Creations worked together to find the ideal shade of white to complement the existing kitchen features. With the wide variety of white quartz in the marketplace, it was imperative to find a shade that could coordinate with the brown tones in the kitchen, without being too cool, busy or dark. Many of the white shades available were too stark, yellowing the color of the cabinets, which was not the desired effect.

As Lopez recalled, "I had to find something that would marry the traditional elements of the kitchen that were staying, with the new, modern touches I was bringing in. Something stark white or more contemporary with a large, drastic veining wouldn?t have blended. I wanted something that could lend itself to multiple styles, and something that could compliment both cream and white cabinetry. I also needed to veer away from some of the marble-looking quartz finishes that had more blue-gray tones."
And, after her experience with the cracked granite surface, quality was the top consideration in finding a new countertop, which served as the focal point of the renovation.

Lopez first looked at colors from competitor lines, but found that their cool tones didn't complement the warmer hues already utilized in the space. After taking a look at LG Hausys' Viatera® line, which offers a range of warm whites, she decided upon Soprano for her countertops. The surface's creamy base featuring marbling in soft hues of gray and gold made it the ideal color to blend with the cream-colored and glazed cabinets and tiled backsplash that were already a part of the kitchen. While Viatera® met Lopez'
needs for the renovation, the line's broad spectrum of colors and large selection of both warm, cool and neutral whites make Viatera® an excellent selection for new construction projects as well as upgrades.

And, since Viatera® quartz products are composed of 93% quartz, the countertop offers superior strength and a durable surface, assuring Lopez that the cracks and crumbles she experienced with granite are a thing of the past.

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When it came to installation, the Atlanta Stone Creations crew was able to create a perfect seam by lining up commonalities between the slabs. The fabricators also created a straight, eased edge that was used on surfaces throughout the kitchen, including the breakfast bar and sink area. By utilizing straight edges as opposed to a beveled edge, the sharp angles created further modernized the traditional space. To give the surfaces on the kitchen's island a thicker appearance, the fabricators created a mitered edge, cutting the slab at a 45-degree angle.

By choosing the Soprano surface from Viatera®, Lopez was able to achieve her design goals. The soft, delicate shade not only worked with her existing cabinets, paint colors and tile work, it reflects light and completely brightened up the windowless space. Best of all, the surface can easily complement many colors, empowering her to make changes to the walls, cabinets and tile without having to worry about them matching with the countertops, so, as she says, "If we ever do make other changes, it will go with just about any direction we choose."

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For those looking to renovate their own kitchens, Lopez offers this advice, "Kitchen makeovers can get expensive (and totally out of hand) quickly. If you don't have the budget to make a change, don't. Focus on bringing in quality improvements as you can. Start with the countertops; it will make a bigger difference (and add value) than you think." Viatera® quartz countertops, with their quality, durability and beauty are a great place to start when looking to revitalize your space.

Material: Viatera® Soprano,
Fabricator: Atlanta Stone Creations

From "Brown and Blah" to Bright and Inviting