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Lau Residence

Creating a Space to Say Mahalo to the Day

To achieve their goal of creating a bright and inviting kitchen, Honolulu, Hawaii-based design company Accent Design & Renovations relied on Viatera® countertops to create a beautiful and functional space.

Accent Design is a full-service kitchen and bathroom design and material supply company. Owner Jeff Hatterman works with his expert team to create design solutions that meet his clients' lifestyle, needs, and budget. Making it his mission to exceed client expectations, Hatterman works with suppliers that offer high quality materials and has chosen Viatera by LG Hausys as his preferred countertop surface for the bulk of his kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects.

When this remodeling project was brought to Hatterman, he recalled, "The owner wanted a clean, flowing countertop material that was maintenance free and would give her the look and feel of real stone, but not overpower the main area of the kitchen that had already been remodeled with white cabinets and a basic gray quartz." Finding a solution to fulfill this need led the designer to Viatera. After this choice was made, the color needed to be selected and, "After some discussion and looking at the a few samples, it was very clear that the Marvel was the perfect choice."


When choosing a surface for this project, Viatera was an easy choice, as it offers a wide array of benefits for homeowners.

  • Viatera quartz products are composed of 93% quartz, offering superior strength and a durable surface able to handle the rigors of everyday use.

  • Because Viatera is a solid, nonporous material, it is impervious to common sources of stains found in the kitchen, including oil, wine and coffee. This also makes it resistant to bacteria and mold that can grow in the cracks and crevices of natural stone.

  • Unlike natural stone, Viatera does not need to be sealed regularly, reducing maintenance needs throughout the life of the product and helping it stand up to acidic foods and heat.

  • Viatera quartz are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns that evoke the luxurious beauty of natural stone at an affordable price point.

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    As with many design projects, challenges often arise, and when creating the coffee bar, Hatterman came across one such challenge that he was able to conquer and attain an amazing result.

    While trying to achieve a waterfall edge on both the island and the coffee bar, he found that after accomplishing a nearly perfect seam on the island, the length of the coffee bar was too long to take out of one slab. Instead of trying to match up pieces that may or may not have fit, Hatterman chose to "just let it fit how it fit." He added, "I personally feel it was the best way to do it," noting that, "not everything is a perfect match once you turn a corner or look down, and I think it still looks very natural."


    With movement and veining that mimics the look of real stone, Marvel, with its understated, refined gray streaks juxtaposed against a crisp white background ties together the aesthetically pleasing design elements of this space. It serves as a complement to the stainless-steel appliances, stark, white cabinets and multi-colored mosaic tiled backsplash in shades of blue, gray and white found in the kitchen. This surface is also the ideal counterpart to the radiant blue cabinet faces and modern, modular barstools that are featured on the island. The Marvel surface adds to the allure of the room and helps create a luminous and enticing place to start or end your day.

    Lau Residence


    As for any future projects, Accent Design and Renovation will continue to implement surfaces from LG Hausys. Says Hatterman, "Our experiences with both the HI-MACS® and the Viatera products are always exceeding our expectations. Not only the product, but the customer service, product availability and the price point are all key factors in our continued use of the LG Hausys products."

    This relationship is solid and continues to grow. "As a small business owner, I am always happy to see the steps that LG is taking to continually increase their product offerings and options," says Hatterman. "If I have the opportunity to deal with people and products that I like and they are always striving to make my clients happy and finished jobs the best they can be, it's a win-win situation for all involved."

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