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A Designer's Touch To Bring This Vision To Life

In a recent condo remodel in Fort Myers, Florida, sister design companies Studio M Interiors and Mingle collaborated to design a kitchen featuring Viatera® countertops.

Studio M Interiors is an interior design firm located within Mingle, a 30,000 square foot showroom offering a full range of cabinetry, countertops, accessories, furnishings and lighting fixtures. The two Minneapolis, Minnesota companies frequently join forces to create spaces that are both functional and well-appointed.


The homeowners wanted the Fort Myers condo to reflect their contemporary style. The space had great potential but needed a designer's touch to bring this vision to life.

"Initially, the condo was dated," said Kelly Davert, general manager with Mingle. "The kitchen was closed off from the adjacent living area and was filled with honey oak cabinetry. Our client wanted to fully renovate the space with an open floor plan and a modern aesthetic."

Inspired by the home's waterfront location, Mingle and Studio M Interiors sought to bring the brightness of beach life indoors.

"We used lots of white, silver and stainless steel to create an airy atmosphere in this seaside kitchen," Davert said. "The new space is light and open."

Viatera® countertops in Twilight Reflection tied the kitchen together.

"The flecks of silver, mica and deep black embedded in the surface of Twilight Reflection add dimension and texture to the countertop," Davert said. "Those undertones pick up the surrounding colors, including the black cabinets, to bring everything together."

Mingle 1


During initial design talks, the client made it clear that functionality was top-of-mind.

"Sometimes we design for people who don't actually use the space daily, but that wasn't the case with this project," Davert said. "The homeowners love to cook and spend lots of hands-on time in the kitchen."

They specifically chose all of the appliances based on their personal needs and vision for the kitchen.

"Each appliance was specifically chosen with end-use in mind," Davert said. "They selected a sink deep and wide enough to wash large pans, a magnetic electric stove top that won't burn your hands and enameled cabinets that are easy to wipe down."

With so much focus on quality, style and function, Viatera® was the clear countertop choice for this kitchen.

"Viatera has so many aspects that make it a fantastic countertop option," Davert said. "It can be used daily, it doesn't mar, it's difficult to scratch and it's easy to clean and maintain. For people who use their kitchen frequently, it's a must-have."


Viatera offers a range of benefits for owners including strength, hygiene, low maintenance and an affordable price point.

•Made of 93 percent quartz, Viatera solid surface products are stronger than most natural stones and are more than durable enough for daily life.

•Because Viatera is a solid, nonporous material, it is more resistant to bacteria and mold that can grow in the cracks and crevices of natural stone.

•Unlike natural stone, Viatera does not need to be sealed, reducing maintenance needs throughout the life of the product.

•With a variety of colors and patterns resembling natural stone at a lower price, Viatera represents affordable luxury.

Mingle 2


The condo was featured in the Spring 2016, issue of Signature Kitchens and Baths, a top national publication for professional designers and homeowners to gain inspiration and keep up with the latest trends.

"This is a huge honor," Davert said. "Aside from having a happy customer, it feels great to have your work validated."

Davert credits part of the kitchen's success to its photogenic nature.

"In my experience, you're fortunate to capture an image of a space that fully showcases its beauty," she said. "This project is as stunning on the page as it is in real life."

Viatera® played a starring role in the photos.

"A lot of dark countertops absorb light, leaving a space feeling heavier," Davert said. "But Viatera's Twilight Reflection stayed true to its name-it reflects so much light back into the space, amplifying the bright, cool visual of the kitchen."


"We've been using Viatera for the past five years," she said. "Whether a client is looking for a certain style or a high-quality material, we always find a selection perfect for their needs."

After the success of this project, Davert is certain Studio M Interiors and Mingle will continue using Viatera.

"Every designer has a preferred product or line that serves as their go-to for projects," Davert said. "Viatera is a go-to for our entire team."

Material: VIATERA Twilight Reflection®
Architecture: Studio M Interiors
Architecture: Mingle