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Excelling quality standards within LG Hausys

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of surfacing material, LG Hausys has always strived to set and maintain high standards
of quality and consistency. Now, the company has raised the bar even higher after announcing new and significant improvements to
its quality-control procedures.

Investments in technology, increased numbers of inspectors, and greater emphasis on specialized training are among a spate of
changes aimed at excelling quality standards within LG Hausys' two signature brands - HI-MACS® and Viatera®.

Quality Control

"Quality products are of the utmost importance to our customers," said LG Hausys President Kwang Jin Kim.

"Therefore we strive every day to ensure we meet that consistency of quality that people
associate with our brands, and our investment in this area underlines our commitment
to being an industry leader and promises a very bright future for our range of products.
"Many improvements have already been implemented. For Viatera® products,
enhancements are mainly focused within the inspection process.

These include use of incandescent light to identify any imperfections; and to ensure that quartz slabs remain droplet-free during
inspections, additional dryers have been added. Multiple dock audits are also being performed in a natural light setting, and
inspectors are now cross-trained in critical areas to ensure no stone is left unturned in the rigorous process. And once given a
clean bill of health, Viatera®-destined slabs will be sent through the latest generation of polishing machines. Some of the same
quality-control standards used for Viatera® 's engineered quartz surfaces have also been implemented for HI-MACS® solid surface,
which offer a wide range of colors and unique characteristics. However, specific to HI-MACS® solid surface, improvements have
already been made in the color-creation mixing process by premixing pigment with additives to ensure color consistency.

"We have become more selective about the materials we use and by evolving our inspection process, customers can feel assured
that only the highest quality available will be associated with our products," said Kim.

Quality Control Underlines New LG Hausys Enhancements