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A question and answer session about using Viatera® to complete an inspired design.

1. What is the one thing you want people to know about your design?

I was challenged with creating a unique design for a waterfront property that was sure to become a busy entertainment spot for friends and neighbors on a lake of upscale homes. As a result, I knew the bar/pub concept and finished product would have plenty of competition. It had to be functional and not too cookie-cutter with the same old finish or materials. I knew the tops could be a major differentiator in the design.

2. What was the concept behind your design? What makes it unique?

The concept was to create a soft modern entertainment space with a timeless design.

3. What are today's design trends you witness? How were these trends conveyed on your design?

As a designer, you're always looking for the next trend, design element or products. But nobody wants call-backs due to product issues either. Customers don't want maintenance; they just want to enjoy their new space. That's why Viatera is right for our company. I wanted a product that is very durable, stain resistant and low maintenance. I don't have to worry about my customers forgetting the sealer maintenance, which is required by other natural stone products. They always seem to forget that part.

4. Were there any significant challenges you faced with this project?

The overall length of both levels of the front bar top created some challenges. Since seaming would be unavoidable on a 15? run, I was concerned about the extreme variances in natural product like granite. Viatera offered a two-fold solution — controlled variation and virtually invisible seams.

5. What are the unique features/ characteristics you find in HI-MACS or Viatera?

This particular design incorporated a new glass tile (see backsplash, bar front and decorative post) which consisted of colored/acid etched/fractured glass. I needed a countertop material which would work with the variation within the decorative tile and not compete with it. The beauty of Viatera is it offers movement with color continuity.

6. Briefly explain your unique experience with HI-MACS or Viatera?

As a general contractor, I am always a little nervous with the first experience with any product. No exception here. However, from the moment the product was carried onto the jobsite, I knew it was a homerun. The product sample I selected from was a dead on match. Installation went smoothly and the finished product looked better than the samples or sales material ... really!

7. Have you received any special recognition, awards or acknowledgements?

I'm not an award seeker. My singular focus is customer satisfaction and word-of-mouth referrals. I know that when my customers are blown away, they can't wait to show off the finished product. Coming from a company with a limited marketing budget, that's critical. Incorporating a product that over-delivers like Viatera into my designs, I know I am feeding the pipeline of referrals.

Project Reference

Project Title
• Lake Drive Bar
- Hartland, Wisconsin
• SJ POPE Design & Renovation
• Midwest Tops
• Viatera Vintage Limestone