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Adorned Homes featured ViateraŽ countertops in a recent home remodel. Owned and operated by husband and wife duo Dan and Katie Kurtz, Adorned Homes brings a spectrum of services to clients including home listing, selling, renovation and design. The pair's skill set supports this broad offering; Dan is a certified master plumber, and Katie is a real estate agent with a back ground in design. The team was tapped to renovate a home in desperate need of upgrades to appliances and design. They performed a total remodel of the home and featured Viatera in the kitchen and master bathroom.


Before the remodel, the age of the house was apparent in both its design and functionality. "The home's aesthetic was very 1990's," Katie Kurtz said. "You could tell the kitchen's age from the blonde oak cabinets and dated appliances. The bathroom had a sunken tub with old tile and fixtures."
Apart from needing a new look, the house also required some serious repairs.
"None of the appliances worked in the kitchen, and the shower was covered with rust," Kurtz said. "We gutted both rooms to get a fresh start."

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The kitchen and bathroom were completely redesigned in a modern, bright style featuring ViateraŽ in Rococo in each space.
"I like to use the same countertops throughout the house," Kurtz said. "It provides a sense of continuity and a flow from room to room. Viatera Rococo was the perfect choice for tying them together."

The kitchen was completely overhauled and transformed with new appliances, cabinets, floors and fixtures.

"We removed some walls in the kitchen to enlarge the space and added an island," Kurtz said. "The open concept was accented by cool grays and whites to make the space feel airy and light."

The master bathroom was revived with his-and-her showers, brand new tile flooring and a stand-alone tub.

In both rooms, the subtle white countertop feathered with delicate gray accents provided an additional element of texture without
overpowering surrounding features.

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Kurtz landed on ViateraŽ after scouring brands in search of the perfect product.

"I was immediately attracted to Viatera Rococo," Kurtz said. "Warm tones didn't fit with this project, and I loved the soft gray and white marbling. It was exactly what I was looking for."

Kurtz was also impressed by the durability of the quartz surface material.

"Durability is a huge factor in choosing countertop materials, especially for kitchens and bathrooms," she said. "The nonporous surface of Viatera ensures there won't be any staining throughout the life of the product, a problem that might occur after only a few months with natural marble."

Combined with its natural stone look, Viatera met all of Kurtz's requirements.

"When you look closely at Viatera, you can't tell it's manufactured," she said. "It has the luxury appeal of natural stone. When you pair that with outstanding durability, strength and hygienic properties, it's the ideal product."

Creating a natural-looking pattern in an engineered product is not easy, and Kurtz has yet to find another product that compares.

"A lot of companies offer quartz and solid surface material with a similar look, but their products have a repeating pattern that shows it's not authentic," Kurtz said. "Viatera looks like it was cut straight out of a natural stone mine."


The project was a success.

"We've gotten many compliments on this house," Kurtz said. "Sometimes we do custom countertops that only a few people will be attracted to, but that's not the case with Rococo. It fits almost every style."

This was Kurtz's first time using Viatera, but she plans to continue incorporating it in her future work.

"The visual quality and durability of Viatera are unmatched by other solid surface materials I've used," Kurtz said. "Even though this was my first project with it, I've already recommended Viatera to clients. It's truly a fantastic product."

Material: VIATERA RococoŽ
Architecture: Adorned Homes